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Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag
Zoom Denim Hand Bag

Denim Hand Bag

₹2,599.00 INR
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Made from water denim fabric adorned with hand embroidery and thread tassels, this bag is a perfect companion for your beach holiday,everday work and grocery shopping.The bag is spacious enough to carry small essentials.Handcrafted by skilled artisans of Ballbahgrah,this bag is perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Care Instructions- cold gentle handwashing's


Hours to make: 4 -6hours

Size(inch) - L16 x W1 x H14 

Material Used - denim fabric and threads

Colors- navy blue


Vendor: Itihasikala

Sustainable Material

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100% handcrafted

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Made by underprivileged women artisans

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