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Meet our women

Itihasikala provides employment to more than 100
ladies in the rural areas of Ballbahgarh.
Here are their stories.
Through crochet, we all have a common interest. It unites the women of our small village. I feel closer to my friends and family through the bond we share. This is why I love to crochet and knit.

Taslima was used to crocheting and knitting, but since she has been working at Itihasikala she finds her efforts much more productive and goal driven. She has turned a need into a craft. Her talents provide her children with education. Her three children attend public school, and her husband is a taxi driver.
Being a muslim women ,I was not allowed work but I needed to be independent and stand on my own feet and earn a little bit in order to support my children.

The story of how she became involved with Itihasikala is a common one. “Before I started with itihasikala, my sister-in-law would ask me, “Why don’t you crochet?” I always told myself, “Oh, I can’t do this.” A friend finally called and told me, “crochet, you have to do this.” This gave me the motivation to start. “I feel very empowered now that am able to create something that can be sold and appreciated.
“I am not sure if I think of myself as an artist yet. If I make something really nice, then I might believe that I am an artist.”

Renu is one of our oldest artisan and been working with us ever since we started Itihasikala. She has gained so much confidence over years that she has started taking stitching teaching classes at Khemka Charitable Trust.
“I love to learn new things and create new things — I get restless if I don’t have something to knit."

The best part of working for Itihasikala for Geeta Devi is that she can knit her favorite products while making an income.
With the skills gained from her work with ITIHASIKALA, Sanohar loves teaching her friends and family. She also enjoys having her own money as opposed to relying on someone for help. Since starting work with Itihasikala, she says she doesn't have to ask her elders to leave the house — she has the freedom to just go whenever she wants to. With her earnings Sanohar is able to buy things for herself and her children.