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Wash care instructions

  1. Hand wash:Even though crochet products are made of jute ,cotton and wool yarn can take the tortures of the washing machine, the safest and best way to get your crochet items clean is by handwashing.Detergent formulated for delicate or baby clothes, work best to wash them, to avoid chemical reactions.
  2. Use cool water. Items made of wool yarn should not be submitted to excess heat produced by the washing machine as they tend to shrink. Lukewarm water is just perfect for most cases.
  3. By avoiding agitation as much as possible, you will protect the stitches and thread fibers of your product from breaking down.
  4. Never twist and bend your item to drain the water. This will strain the stitches fiber or any used reinforcement and cause the item to lose its shape. The best way to get rid of excess moisture is to wrap your product in towels to get rid of the excess water and lay it down to dry.
  5. The heat produced by the washing machine will make your product shrink. For products like these, the solution is to let them air dry. You may need to leave it to dry for up to 24 hours. . Do not hang your them on a wire and do not expose them to direct sunlight. They will lose their shape and fade out.